Asset For PTI? Aamir Liaquat’s Nagin Dance In Ramadan Sends Pakistanis Into A Frenzy

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Famous TV host and member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, Aamir Liaquat, has earned quite a reputation for his eccentric mix of stunts. Pakistanis on social media have been sharing videos of his Ramadan transmission, rejoicing at his antics but they are not all laughing with him.

Pakistanis playing the video over and over again, sharing it and allowing it to reach more people. As they begin following his show for these ridiculous moments, they laugh at him and scratch their heads in confusion.

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Despite an audience still unclear of why he would pull off such absurd stunts, Liaquat is still able to pump up his ratings. Previously, the 48-year-old fell flat on his face during a race on his show! Being the center of multiple debates, Liaquat yet again makes his way to the limelight as he hilariously grooves on the beat of Nagin on his show Jeeway Pakistan.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, a currently seated member of the National Assembly, and an ex-minister for religious affairs.

Brace your eyes!

Pakistan is confused!

Taking to Twitter, a user wrote, “He has been greatly successful playing the fake scholar and the unauthentic politician, though him dancing to the Indian film Nagin’s music shows his mind and body doing something completely different.”

Stealing ratings through his entertaining Ramadan show, Pakistanis are divided over his recent video doing rounds on the Internet. While some are welcoming the comic relief, others are furious over his absurdity in a Ramadan show. In addition to this, many are questioning the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) over its choice of members.

How exactly is he an asset for PTI?

It may be recalled that PM Imran Khan rejected the resignation of his party’s MNA from Karachi Liaquat. He stated that he was “proud” that the TV show host was part of the ruling PTI.

“You are an asset for Tehreek-e-Insaf, there is no need to leave anything,” Liaquat quoted PM Khan in a series of tweets.

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