Giraffe Spotted Inside A House In DHA Karachi During Rain – Are We Playing Jumanji?

Giraffe Karachi

With the passage of time it is become fair enough to say that anything can happen in Pakistan. Amusingly, what the western world shows as a piece of comedy – we Pakistanis actually are doing it in reality. From having obstacles put on road to hop on and walk on to having flooded roads Karachi has seen it all. Although, we are thankful for this unneeded endurance test the Sindh government bestowed on us, in all honesty Karachites never fail to amuse us.

Just as the second monsoon spell struck Karachi on Tuesday 25th August 2020. Different areas of Karachi were flooded with rainwater. However, what was completely something out of the blue that made everyone stop and take a double take is watching a giraffe leaning its head out of a bungalow! Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself:

The minute this video went viral on social media – the Twitterati like always had colorful comments and witty remarks. Some of them even thought Karachi is wild!

In addition to that, the best of the theories that transpired from this poor animal peeking from the yard and well maybe enjoying the rain was: has anyone found the magical game of ‘Jumanji’ in Karachi.

See if you weren’t convinced on seeing the giraffes in the house, here’s another surprise for you. Apparently, there were fake rumors that crocodiles also paid a visit during the rain from Mangho Pir sShrine.

Apart from jokes, if we look at this situation, is it really as surprising as one would have thought it to be!

Twitterati demands answers – what is happening to Karachi?

Amidst all this chaos, let’s not forget the incessant monsoon rain and continuous downpour that has every citizen facing immense difficulty. Animal shelters and citizens of Karachi want to again knock at the doors of authorities to take action.

Even Shaniera Akram couldn’t hold back her angst, after someone thinks that having a giraffe inside a household is okay!

Chaining up an innocent animal just for the sake of showing ones wealth is in no way acceptable or cool. Add the condition of the city on top of it. Is making lives of animals miserable a new found hobby?

In addition, another person agreed with Shaniera by tweeting in response:

Simultaneously, animal shelters and people are taking to Twitter to share their disapproval of the situation,

We wonder when will people understand the importance of animal care. Above all, when will authorities and animal shelter take notice regarding the matter? From having lions parading the streets of Gulshan-e-Hadeed, what is going to be next? We don’t know but here’s a wise suggestion, any time you hear drums beating – pack a bag and flee!


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