Actor & Beautician Zoya Nasir Suffers Episode Of Abuse On Instagram

Moral Policing Zoya Nasir

Over the past few years, the fan obsession of Pakistani social media users with a show’s actors/characters seems to have taken a flight for the worse. Recently, Pakistani television actress Zoya Nasir became one of the latest victims of moral policing on social media.

Zoya recently wished her friend Christian Betzmann, a German travel vlogger who has been in Pakistan since October 2019, on his birthday. Most of the Pakistani friends also wished Christian on his birthday. However, there were a few Pakistani users that used derogatory language on the model’s personal picture.

These abusive comments were later highlighted by a Twitter user by the name of “Nay_t” on her Twitter account. Many Twitter users condemned the abusive comments made by public users on Zoya’s Instagram account.

Ertugral actress Esra Bilgic also a victim of Moral Policing

Zoya Nasir is not the first celebrity in Pakistan that has been a victim of moral Policing. Pakistani users didn’t even spare Dirilis Ertugrul‘s Esra Bilgic. The Turkish actor played the character of Halime Sultan in the popular drama. The serial has gained major traction in Pakistan. However, hoards of Pakistani men descend on her Instagram to moral police her regularly. Esra Bilgiç then revealed the dark, albeit hilarious, side of Pakistani fans as they went on to relentlessly moral police her on her clothing and poses.


Reasons for Moral policing among Pakistani Social Media Users

The most obvious cause is a highly conservative society. Sticking to the culture and traditions is a priority that is mostly inherited from elder generations. We act under the influence of society but forget that actual society is made by us, always demanding that people listen to us, adjust with our choices. However, if somebody else has a different choice then us, we become the one criticizing. We have no tolerance for change and we are not courteous enough to respect anybody else’s choice. The desi trolls for Esra Bilgic is an example of this intolerance.

Most of us suffer this moral policing at some point in life and then give in. Making us believe that it’s not possible to change. This mindset makes us apprehend every other person who is still struggling for change, Eventually counting in one of those who were against us. We discourage others, thinking that, we know better. Just because we have suffered it before.

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