Feroze Khan Roasts Mubashir Lucman after the Journalist Labeled Him a "Flop of 2017"

Feroze Khan Roasts Mubashir Lucman after the Journalist Labeled Him a “Flop of 2017”

So, out of nowhere, Mubashir Lucman, a renowned journalist decided to hold a discussion on his show regarding the hit and flop celebrities of 2017. While we are rather having a number of grave issues regarding the global political spectrum which outright relates to Pakistan and our politicians in a number of ways, Mubashir Lucman thought it’s rather better to decide which celebrity had the best 2017.

So, he rated a number of celebrities based on some merit and he also rated popular actor, Feroze Khan as a “flop of 2017”. Well, many celebrities took absolutely notice of it while Feroze Khan, did not buy his criticism at all. He went on Twitter and called out Mubashir Lucman on it…

So, this is what Mubashir Lucman did the other day…

Feroze Khan was not having it at all. He was in absolutely no mood to take criticism of this kind whatsoever. So, he decided to take on Twitter and roast Mubashir Lucman. So, this is what Feroze Khan said on Twitter:

Well, well… He was absolutely in no mood to take it from Mubashir Lucman. Seems like Feroze wasn’t in the mood at all. He took a jab at the journalist for absolutely flaking him. However, the list looks quite interesting, especially the names… In fact, he rated Mahira Khan as a flop! Whoa, what do you guys think?


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