Father Of 3 Disabled Children Criticizes Officials For Leaving Karachiites At The Mercy Of Rain

rain in karachi

Pakistan comes under the list of Least Developed Countries (LDCs). This makes the land vulnerable to several social and economic ills. Being less developed, it is quite difficult for the state to handle any kind of environmental crisis. Recently, spells of rain in Karachi wreaked havoc on the netizens. A father in Karachi, who have disabled children is sharing his grievances on social media after the heavy rain.

Seemingly, the father is from Karachi and showcases the whole of his house which is drenched with water of rain, besides, in a viral video, he shows his disabled children.

بارش کے بعد معذور بچوں کے ماں باپ پے کیا گزرتی ہے۔۔۔😢😢یوسف گوٹھسندھ حکومت شاباش

Gepostet von Asif Anis am Freitag, 21. August 2020

‘Think about the poor and indigents’

The man’s house in Karachi is full of rainwater, and he has taken his family to the first floor. There was enough water to drown his disabled children. The somber fellow complains to the government about this havoc. He says while referring to the local politicians that “the wrath of Allah is uninvited, life is short, change yourselves; think about the poor and indigents.”

Furthermore, the anxious dad says, “Please, for god sake have mercy, do not just think about yourselves but for the poor too.” While showing his children, he asked “What would have I done if he [one of his disabled children] had gotten drowned?”

Rain causes great distress in several areas of Pakistan. This is because of a lack of management and deprivation of fundamental necessities. Moreover, the government has failed to develop any pragmatic mechanism to curb the menace of rain in the largest city of Pakistan.

The video is only the story of a single house in Karachi. Just imagine hundreds of such families suffer heavily when it rains cats and dogs in the city of lights. In addition, every time it rains heavily, several people die in the city, some from electric shock, and some by drowning.

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