Muslim Man Gets His Adopted Hindu Sisters Married In Hindu Ceremony Winning Hearts

muslim man hindu sisters married

While there are factions of society hell-bent on creating a divide in the name of religion, there are heroes who do things otherwise as well. A Muslim man in India has become the epitome of tolerance, love, and diligence who got his Hindu sisters married. Meet Baba Bhai Pathan.

Baba Bhai Pathan, a resident of Ahmednagar, India, has done what most in the country think of as a sin. Being a Muslim, born and practicing, Baba Bhai has fulfilled his religion and its teachings in more than one way.

Baba Bhai Pathan adopted two Hindu sisters in Ahmednagar. All his life he worked hard to take care of them, and when the time came, he fulfilled his utmost duty of getting them married. The best bit? The sisters were married off in a Hindu ceremony, not a Muslim one. Subsequently, giving respect to their religion and choice, Baba Bhai Pathan spent his own money on the wedding. All on his own.

All the savings of his life and some additional money, Baba Bhai spent on getting his Hindu sisters married. Being a Muslim man, Baba Bhai carried out the Hindu rituals as well, regardless of his faith and beliefs. Promoting religious tolerance and showing what Islam teaches, Baba Bhai has won billions of hearts.

People from all corners of the world have been lauding Baba Bhai Pathan’s act of valor and pride. To do something so big for two orphans, that too, from a different religion, calls for praise and lauding. Some from India have stated that Baba Bhai Pathan is the girls’ neighbor and is their bespoken uncle. Furthermore, the girls’ mother tied a rakhi on his hand the same day.

In either case, Baba Bhai’s actions are worth all the love and praise he is getting

However, there have been some who have said that Baba Bhai’s actions are against his own religion. Albeit, this is not what the majority thinks. While Muslims in India are carrying out acts of generosity, Hindus have been maiming and killing Muslims in return.

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