Someone Swapped Politicians’ Face With The Opposite Gender And It’s Hilarious

Amidst all the seriousness in the world of politics in Pakistan these days, someone has decided to cool things off for a while. It does not matter where your political views lie, it is hard to unsee what you are about to witness. We wonder how could anyone think of this idea and actually go through with the plan. Nevertheless, the execution has been done brilliantly and we just cannot laugh much more than we already did – our tummies have started to hurt!

Someone face swapped pictures of politicians and celebrities and posted it online. Yes, the same kind of face swap that is present in Snapchat’s filters, someone had a brilliant idea of putting a similar platform to use for a different purpose and they wanted us to enjoy the possibilities these prominent figures having the opposite gender.

From Shah Mehmood Qureshi To Shah Mehmooda Qureshi? What?

Certainly, an unusual combination of the original face with a female touch and it has worked brilliantly. Maybe in a parallel universe one could expect to see such a personality living “her” life normally.

When Someone Points Out Your Inner Feminine Side So You Decide To Reveal It To Them!

Is this what Jehangir Khan Tareen thought of doing when he decided to wear a blonde colored wig and shave off his mustache? Just kidding folks, this is just another piece of art by the mastermind behind this idea.

Shehbaz Shareef, Please Meet Shahnaz Shareef!

face swapping

Shehnaz Shareef is definitely not related to the Shareef family in any manner. Just one of the many lookalikes similar to the female doppelganger who looks like our beloved chief minister.

Sherry Rehman? Shahroze Rehman?

Who would do such a thing with these well-known figures of Pakistan?

Reham Khan’s Doppelganger is Rehan Khan!

We all remember who she is, and her marriage with Pakistan’s cricketing legend Imran Khan. Her marriage broke off in a controversial style and it is still unclear what could have been the exact reason. Maybe she found Rehan Khan to be a better person? Hmm.

Asif Zardari’s and Asifa Zardari – Wait, We Know Her!

Let’s just skip this part, you know the story!

These brilliant ideas were created by some unknown person and it would be absolutely entertaining if they can publish a part 2 of this series. Surely, we would want to know who else can be “gender swapped.”

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