Jahangir Tareen Becomes the Latest Meme of Pakistan For Bagging Independent Candidates for PTI

Jahangir Tareen Khan holds a prominent position in Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf. While his role in PTI is very crucial, he was recently disqualified by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court bench found the secretary general of PTI dishonest under the Article 62 of the Constitution and Section 99 of the ROPA, which led to multiple counts against him. Conclusively, Tareen was denied the opportunity to hold office as MNA.

However, while Tareen cannot be a part of the National Assembly, he still remains involved in the political dealings of PTI, the stronghold party in the National Assembly.

Without the need of colliding with another political party, PTI is currently getting independent candidates on board to fill the seats.  And for this job, Jahangir Tareen Khan is THE man!

As one of the wealthiest leaders of PTI, Tareen surely knows his way around negotiation skills and the man is doing his job pretty well.

Tareen Is Doing All It Takes to Get Independent Candidates And the Internet Is Loving It!

I Mean, Look at This

And They’ve Received their Results As Well

And Look at the Response of Pakistanis Over How Tareen Has Managed to Lure Independent Candidates!





Goals As Well…?

We ALL Are!

Pretty Solid

We just keep loving how creative and talented Pakistanis are when it comes making such amazing memes. Jahangir Tareen Khan, you have done the job well for Imran Khan and PTI and these memes are the response of it!


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