Embassy Officials Visit Coronavirus-Hit Wuhan To Check On Pakistani Students!

Coronavirus-Hit Wuhan

The world is currently under ‘global health emergency’ as the coronavirus outbreak from China is drastically affecting the world. Apparently, the emergency was highlighted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) analyzing the chaotic situation. However, recently, officials from Pakistan’s Embassy in Beijing, China reached out to the students stuck and met them to show support.

Pakistani Officials meet coronavirus-hit Wuhan city to check on students!

In this ongoing turmoil, the deadly coronavirus has swallowed thousands of human lives till now while many seek medical assistance. Among others, earlier, coronavirus also killed Dr. Li who first warned the world of its brutal consequences. This week, on Tuesday, Embassy officials from Beijing recently visited coronavirus hit Wuhan city to check on Pakistani students and assist them.

Pakistani Officials Meet Students Wuhan


At last, after a long pause, the government is making efforts to support and help the stuck Pakistanis in China. According to official media reports, the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, on Tuesday sent a two-member task force to the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan city. Apparently, the prime reason behind the visit was to meet Pakistani students studying in different Chinese universities.

”The task force is permanently in Wuhan and coordinating with Chinese authorities!”

On the decision, Pakistan’s foreign office revealed that the meeting was necessary to know about the health of the students. Further, the statement read, ”The task force is permanently in Wuhan and coordinating with Chinese authorities. The task force would return to their homes in Beijing once the lockdown in Wuhan is lifted in its entirety and the on-ground situation is completely stabilized”.

Pakistani Officials Meet Students Wuhan


”All those in need of any medical attention are provided immediate and best available medical care. Similarly, there is a provision of psychological counseling to those facing stress and depression’‘, it maintained. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the Pakistani government decided not to evacuate national students from China which later led to parents stressing over their children.

”The situation in Wuhan and Hubei Province is showing increased signs of improvement!”

As per the details presented by the foreign office, the two-member task force met with the administration of several universities. Particularly, the sent officials collected Pakistani students’ health information from the administration staff. Fortunately, the visit ends on a positive note as the returning members report that the students were healthy and safe.

Pakistani Officials Meet Students Wuhan


Moreover, it was also revealed that three students who were tested positive for coronavirus have now fully recovered. ”Three Pakistani students at Guangzhou city and one in Wuhan who were coronavirus positive is back to health and not in hospitals”, it said. As of now, an 11-member team from Pakistan is set up to answer and provide assistance to those who need it.

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Sharing the positive results, the foreign office says that the situation in China’s Hubei province is getting under control. The statement read, ”The situation in Wuhan and Hubei Province is showing increased signs of improvement. The number of daily cases is gradually decreasing, the markets and shopping places are opening and courier services resuming”.

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