Coronavirus Kills Dr. Li Who First Warned World Of Its Danger!

dr li wenliang

Currently, caught in a health risking environment, the world humans are facing deadly consequences regarding Coronavirus. Erupting from China, earlier, the fatal virus has affected many around the world including the deaths of several infected patients.

Amidst the rising death toll, recently, the whistleblower doctor who issued Coronavirus warning before its severe outbreak died in China.

The Chinese doctor who discovered initial symptoms of Coronavirus dies of the same disease!

It is indeed unfortunate and saddening news as the world is currently in dire need of such real-life heroes who care for humanity. This week, the first alleged case of Coronavirus erupted from Pakistan’s Sindh province with the patient kept in complete isolation.

However, in its vicious pace, coronavirus recently took up the Chinese doctor’s life who initially blew a whistle regarding the disease.

Coronavirus Doctor Life

The Epoch Times

As of now, Chinese media outlets and the nation are in deep sorrow and furious about the loss of an unsung world hero.

According to international media reports, Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old doctor who tried to save others of the novel Coronavirus died in China. Happened on Thursday, the deceased doctor was the very first among 8 researchers who tried to make others aware.

Chinese police officials apprehending the doctor!

Li Wenliang discovered the life-threatening disease back in December while treating a glaucoma patient who was unknowingly infected.

Finding strong symptoms of a SARS-like virus rapidly spreading, the doctor shared the breakthrough forward. Particularly, Wenliang initially warned his fellow mates in a private chat on the Chinese mobile application WeChat.

Coronavirus Doctor Life

Arab News PK

Later, the lost doctor was even taken into police custody for spreading ‘dangerous rumors’ in January. However, after the novel coronavirus epidemic, Li Wenliang became a national hero in China because of his earlier warning.

Well, as per the details, Li Wenliang, after his condition got worst was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he took his last breath.

China mourns the loss of its national hero!

Soon after, the heart-rending news went out, the whole of China is currently in grief and sorrow on the loss of a messiah. On the matter, China’s National Supervisory Commission has revealed that its team will be indulged in through investigation.

On Friday, the anti-corruption agency made an announcement that a team will soon go off to Hubei province for a ‘comprehensive investigation’.

Coronavirus Doctor Life

The New York Times

Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, several states have been busy rescuing their people from China. Last weekend, a total of 57 Pakistanis were brought back home from the Coronavirus epicenter in Wuhan, China. Similarly, the SriLankan airline had also rescued several students from China after the coronavirus epidemic.

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