Here’s Why You Do Not Have To Lose Faith In Allah After You Have Graduated!

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In the name of Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful. “Many congratulations on your graduation”, “Wow, congratulations on becoming a Doctor”, ” congratulations on successfully completing your house job”. You must have received such congratulations or will receive InShaAllah if you are a medical graduate or simply any other graduate. I am a dental graduate so my focus will be my dental colleagues. Graduation is one of the biggest dreams of any student especially if he is a medical student. All those sleepless nights and hard work when paid off, the amount of satisfaction and pleasure it gives you is priceless. Graduation is no doubt a very big achievement but to be honest the real story starts after it.

Now if you are a graduate or done with your house job you will hear such questions: “So what’s next? What are your future plans?” “What are your plans for post-graduation?” “What is the subject of your interest for your post-graduation?”And especially if your plans are to do post graduation in Pakistan you will definitely go through this question: “Will you go for FCPS or MDS or MSC?”. At times such questions might irritate you because believe me people do ask such questions at times seriously have no idea either about FCPS or MDS or any other post-grade graduation program.

My concern here is the role of seniors in guiding their juniors in this aspect. Allah has given us something which is so precious, only, if we can imagine. Only if we think about it. You may listen people saying: “Kahan BDS karlea. Is say behtar tha CA karleta. Is say behtar tha MBA karleta, ya Engineer banjata There is a beautiful line I read somewhere I don’t remember exactly: “The life you are currently having is a dream for many others”.

Imagine there are a lot of students who wanted to become a doctor but were not able to do so, because of either financial issues or because of other reasons. You should, first of all, thank Almighty Allah each and every moment for the precious life He has given you. He has chosen you for bringing smiles on the faces of tensed and depressed people. He has chosen you for spreading the positivity among your juniors and among your colleagues. The point which I want to focus on is, don’t spread negativity among your juniors. Please guide your juniors in a positive way. Your words are very important.

Your words can be the reason for someone’s bright future, your words can put someone on the right path. And believe me, I am talking about just words! It will cost you nothing but if those words make someone’s life better, imagine Allah will reward you just for your words, InShaAllah. Let me give you an example to explain the importance of your words.

I have read this in a book on Human Psychology by Charles Stangor. A surgeon asks his patient if he is ready for the surgery by telling him that: “The survival rate for this surgery is 90%“. Another surgeon could have presented the same situation by using such words: “The mortality rate (chances of death) for this surgery is 10%“. Now, there is no difference in both these statements, if you see logically, but obviously, the patient after listening to the first statement might get ready for the surgery rather than after listening to the second statement.

That’s the importance of your words. In a similar fashion, if any junior comes to you for guidance regarding post graduation you might discourage him by saying: “Beta FCPS main kia rakha hai, itnee khwaree hai kia saree zindagi yahee karna hai bas? MDS karlo ye behtar hai“, “Beta MDS kyun karrhy ho? FCPS karo. MDS main kia rakha hai. Wohe BDS ke tarha exams detay raho har waqt.”

These two points can be explained in such a way: “Do whatever YOU want to do. There are positive and negative aspects of everything. Same is for FCPS VS MDS or for any other postgraduate program. Any post graduation will have its importance and of course, will have some hurdles which Allah will make easy for you if you work hard and if you are determined. InShaAllah. Make decisions appropriately. And then stick to your decisions. Have faith in Allah. Ask help from Allah. When you have faith in Allah negative comments will not bother you.” My only point is to spread the positivity among your juniors, especially in our medical society where there is a lot of negativity. If you enforce negativity in a person who is already filled with negativities, you have just increased his negativity. If you spread positivities in an environment full of negativities then definitely you will give a positive input for your society.

Last message for all the juniors out there. I know we are living in a society full of negativities. You might have seen or you will see people getting residencies because they are powerful because they have some source because they have some reference, but you should remember and you should have a strong believe that the most powerful is Allah, the ultimate source is of Allah, the ultimate reference is of Allah. And if He has brought you to this level without any reference or source then definitely He will take you further as well. We just need to understand this.

And if you don’t get what you want then there is no need to get dishearten. Allah has planned something much better for you. Be patient and have faith in Allah, the Greatest. Because, “Jo naseeb main likha hai wo zaroor milega, laikain, waqt say pehlay nahi and naseeb say ziada nahi.” So work hard. Have faith in Allah and wait for the right moment with patience. May Allah bless you all.

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