DG ISPR & Sana Bucha’s Twitter Feud Has Divided The Netizens!

DG ISPR Sana Bucha

Not less than any celebrity in Pakistan, the spokesperson of the nation’s army Asif Ghafoor gets under the spotlight very often. Based on his time to time blunt responses to India, DG ISPR has sure owned the internet with his instant actions. Recently, yet again, Twitter got heated after DG ISPR harshly replied to journalist Sana Bucha’s mocking tweet about him.

DG ISPR schools Sana Bucha after she tries to mock him professionally!

Apparently, the Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) made a public announcement on Twitter, as always. Impressed by his mindful posture, earlier, even Indian Cyber Security Chief lauded DG ISPR. However, earlier today, DG ISPR schooled journalist Sana Bucha after she ridiculed his recent statement on Lahore-Sialkot motorway on Twitter.

”Lahore-Sialkot motorway ka pehla section aam traffic ke liye khol diya gaya, DG ISPR!”

Soon after DG ISPR’s statement was released, journalist Sana Bucha tried to bash him but wasn’t fortunate enough. Responding in the same manner, the anchor then threw her negative humor on Twitter in order to mock DG ISPR. Now deleted, the tweet quoted, ”Dupatton ki rangaai ke saath saath peeko ka kaam bhi tasalli baksh kiya jaata hai, DG ISPR”.

Here’s where it started!

DG ISPR Sana Bucha


Harshly responding to Sana  Bucha’s humiliating tweet, DG ISPR responded, ”Maybe it was a service by you on your own initiative taking advantage while you were being paid by ISPR. I have not seen any such. Again, if any pending dues you can still claim with evidence. But can’t do any payment for the private ventures that you might have had on your own”.

”You were being paid by ISPR!”

DG ISPR Sana Bucha


Now, engaged in a Twitter feud, Sana Bucha then asked DG ISPR to back off or else he’ll be the one to call. Telling him to ‘show some class‘, the journalist replied, ”Sir [Asif Ghafoor] kyun bilawaja ke pangay letay hain. Ab main ne koi jawab de diya tou phir Colonel Shafiq ka minnat bhara phone ajaega ke please mam delete krdein. Also, perhaps on a different note, show some class. U represent the prestigious armed forces. Not your own private flight club”.

And here comes another ignorant reply!

Well, thankfully, then things started to calm down as DG ISPR sensibly responded to Sana Bucha’s hateful tweet. With screenshots of the journalist’s humiliating tweets, Asif Ghafoor wrote, ”Not without a reason. I never initiated anything. Please see your unethical expressions which provoked response from me & fellow Pakistanis. I am deleting my yesterday’s responses only respecting journalistic ethos. You can make your choice for now & future. It’s two to tango”.

”I never initiated anything!”

Well, seeing the spreading heat, Twitteratis also jumped onto the bandwagon with support fro their favorite side. Since DG ISPR is massively popular among the masses, the majority of the responses were coming in his favor. Eventually, a hashtag in the Urdu language #ChusniDeMunhWali is now trending on Twitter for the journalist Sana Bucha.

Such hate!

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Baat to theek hai!

This is harsh!

Indeed, DG ISPR is a thorough gentleman!

This guy is angry!

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