‘Churails’ Is A Show We Must Watch & Celebrate – But ‘Nihari’ Will Not Be Same Again

'Churails' Is A Show We Must Watch & Celebrate - But 'Nihari' Will Not Be Same Again

Spoilers alert, folks! Churails, a 10-episode web series, directed by Asim Abbasi, brims over with feisty, feminist, fast-paced fun. In fact, we would say that it has delivered Mard Ko Dard Hoga quite well!

The Pakistani web series has portrayed the hypocrisy of patriarchal societies vanquishing women of their rights in a way that no one has ever done before. Yes, that’s true! At least not in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, we all know that.

'Churails' Is A Pakistani Show We Must Watch & Celebrate - But Don't Eat 'Nihari' Again

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Throughout history, men have never been held accountable for anything. It has always been the women who have been labeled as the root of all wrongdoings while men tend to get away with the most monstrous acts. However, Director Asim Abbasi decided that it is high time this changed. And well, hats off to him, the lad has certainly pulled off the kind of message he was trying to deliver.

Speak the unspeakable – a feminist masterpiece

From misogyny, domestic abuse, class divides, and even transphobia, to wasting money on garden parties, you name it – and this series covers every single issue relevant to Pakistan within just 10 episodes.

'Churails' Is A Pakistani Show We Must Watch & Celebrate - But Don't Eat 'Nihari' Again

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The series revolves around two elite and two lower-middle-class women who come together to form a detective agency to expose cheating husbands. Moreover, it appears that the writer and Cake director came with full force to showcase the reality of Pakistan. Having no restrictions, and being next level progressive, the story is something groundbreaking for a series coming from Pakistan.

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Churails stars some of the best talent from the Pakistani entertainment industry: Sarwat Gillani as a lawyer-turned-housewife Sara, Yasra Rizvi as an alcoholic wedding planner Jugnu, Nimra Bucha as Batool, a murderer released from prison while Meherbano dons the role of young Zubaida, looking for love and success in the world of boxing. The four meet each other in a rather unfortunate turn of events that leads them to start a spying service aimed to help other women identify cheating spouses.

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Gone are the days when the chant was Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota. This Pakistani web series has now given women across the globe a new mantra i.e. Mard Ko Dard Hoga. Don’t we just love even the sound of it? Well, we sure do! Finally, somebody has stepped up to speak about the unspeakable things that no one else in our country is ready to address.

The nihari twist!

In one of the episodes, encouraged by Batool – who compares Khoosat’s character to her pedophiliac husband – Sania Saeed’s character, in one of the show’s horrifying moments, murders her husband, chops of his leg and cooks nihari with it.

'Churails' Is A Pakistani Show We Must Watch & Celebrate - But Don't Eat 'Nihari' Again

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This scene has certainly been haunting the audience; besides being absolutely disgusting, nihari being Pakistan’s most favorite dish has been ruined for many!

Nihari will never be the same after this!

Here’s what the viewers have to say about it

Nonetheless, Churails is a must watch! It s a spunky new Pakistani series, streaming on Zee 5. The show is mad cool, characters are strong, and the dialogues crackle with uncontrollable power. Besides being a delightful series, it touches upon the harsh realities of our world and teaches us how to be more tolerant where needed and take a stand.

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