Centaurus Mall Islamabad Targets Pindi Boys

Haey! How these Pindi boys would save money to travel from home to Islamabad just to visit Centaurus Mall and now they are asking them to pay 100 additional rupees just to enter the place they love the most?? How is that even fair?


Poor poor Pindi boys!! Centaurus Mall has come up with a master plan to forbid Poondi boys (Oops! I mean Pindi boys) from entering the mall!  Snatching away the only shopping mall they fancy! Now they will have to pay a price (literally) for staring at all the pretty ladies doing shopping out there!


What are they  going to do now? These people just don’t realize that Centaurus is not just a mall for these Pindi boys! They consider this as a heaven… ‘Thandi Thandi AC Ki Hawa’, ‘Goray Goray Mukhray’ ‘Bari Bari Dukanain’. It is the perfect avenue for them to show off their ’50 Rupees’ walay Sunglasses, sea green, shocking pink and purple fitted pants and also unbuttoned shirts (read chest hair)!


Here’s what Twitter has to say about the mall’s conspiracy against Pindi boys:







If you feel their pain, please donate rupees 100 to the affectees gathered at the Metro Station!

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