Police Have Filed A Case Against 4-Year-Old Child For “Attacking A Couple”

case against 4 years old child

In the Naseerabad police station in Rawalpindi, authorities on Wednesday filed a complaint against a 4 year-old child for allegedly “attacking a couple with rocks and stones.”

Ahmed, a young child, was the subject of a case brought under the terms of 337/A3 and brought by a citizen by the name of Ghulam Mustafa.

The first information report (FIR) states that Ahmed attacked the couple with stones and bricks.

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In order to obtain bail, the four-year-old was brought before Additional Sessions Judge Sohail Anjum.

Ahmed’s attorney claims that Naseerabad police station “blindly” filed the complaint.

“Four-year-old Ahmed has been given a 10 year prison sentence. The investigating officer and Rawalpindi SHO Naseerabad police station should be held accountable, according to the attorney, for filing the case.

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