Is Bahria Town Icon Tower Stealing Shah Ghazi's Limelight?

Is Bahria Town Icon Tower Stealing Shah Ghazi’s Limelight?

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Malik Riaz’s Bahria Icon Tower kicked off with fireworks after at least 2 years of phenomenal construction.

After a row of events including the blocked road from 2 Talwaar to Sea-view, multiple stay-orders and what not – The Icon tower is now open.

Although Mr. Riaz was able to build a fly-over that adds to the locals’ convenience, we’re forgetting a major thing here. The Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazaar.

The 40 story residential tower clearly outshines the impeccable heritage site that once was the main attraction, a spiritual and soulful experience for the believers.



Will the historical monument, also the hub of the Shah Ghazi Urs, now go unnoticed and most of all, out of the common man’s reach. The security protocols of the Icon Tower are going to be enhanced, will it disallow everyone  to enter the mazaar, which is now ‘sort of’ renovated as well.

 The tomb of Shah Ghazi, also famous for its myth of saving Karachi from historic cyclones and tornadoes, will now sit silently next to the Cinemas, Malls, Spas and any other thing that goes inside the Icon Towers.

When Cyclone Nilofar was about to hit Karachi back in October, 2014, Sindh Assembly speaker Agha Siraj Durrani was quoted saying: “(Saint) Abdullah Shah Ghazi has saved us many times before and he will save us this time as well.”

That is historic importance, the people’s spiritual addiction, will it all fade away tonight with the opening fireworks of Malik Riaz’s Bahria Icon Tower?



Best we ask ourselves when all this simmers down, does heritage mean anything to us at all, or not? The question is how can we develop without compromising on our heritage?

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