Axcuse Me Aap Bhi? Legend Is Back With Hilarious Content That’s Got Us Laughing Like Crazy!

Axcuse Me… Aap Bhi? KITKAT talcum power and what was that burger called? Well, this has been all part of a genius gimmick followed by the legend, Waseem Hassan Sheikh. He is the part of it and he has got us laughing like crazy ever since the inception of “Axcuse Me Aap Bhi?”.

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Well, you can come across many entertainers who have done a commendable job in entertaining the audiences. There have been many amazing comedians. Their work is matchless and we reward their importance by acknowledging the fact that they have graced our Entertainment industry.

But there are some, who simply pull off a spectacular job without being real comedians. They are so random and native at their work, you find it unbelievable. Waseem Hassan Sheikh is totally one of the rare kinds of entertainers. He took a toll on people and social media with those ridiculous advertisements that were rather important for Waseem Hassan Sheikh’s acting.


We absolutely had a wonderful laugh. They took a unique go at it and we still cannot get over it. Waseem Hassan Sheikh’s identity has rolled in the minds of people as the guy that says, “Axcuse me aap bhi?”. We all love him and we have watched videos he has starred in.

Waseem Sheikh is back in making us laugh hysterically with new content!

This time, it is another TVC. But you know why are you viewing it. You are rather interested in the crazy antics of Waseem Hassan Sheikh. So, check it out and have a good laugh!

Yes, you can have your moment to laugh all you can. Take your time because I am sure you are not recovering from the laughter any soon. Boy, it is absolutely hilarious!

How does Waseem Hassan Sheikh manage to pull a firm stature? How can he not laugh while acting? Must mention that this guy is uniquely talented. He pulls off a magnificent job in making us laugh. We really appreciate it and we want him to come up with more content because there’s nothing like these crazy videos.

We once interviewed him and man, what a guy he is!

If you want to know more about Waseem Hassan Sheikh, a.k.a Mr. Axcuse Me Aap Bhi, then you must watch our exclusive interview with him. This is your chance of getting to know him better.

What do you guys think about Waseem Hassan Sheikh’s new content?

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