Here’s The Side of Pakistan Entertainment Industry You Never Knew

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Pakistan’s entertainment industry is going towards growth as the most talented personalities including actors are giving their best to boost this industry. After getting the overview of the entertainment industry, the observation shows that the primary factory of success is teamwork as the concept of individualism would not work for long.

Luckily Pakistan is blessed to have well known and most appreciated singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen. Rahat’s new songs “Rabba Way” can be seen in social media.


Moreover, a big challenge which is being faced by the entertainment industry is to minimize the overall impact of Indian entertainment industry. Indian movies are more popular than Pakistan’s own movies cause of several reasons hence Pakistan entertainment industry needs to rebuild its own distinctive capabilities and it has to restructure the industry-centric mindset where each person’s talent and participation will be recognized and encouraged.


As far as writers are concerned, Pakistan’s scriptwriters are well enough to compete with competitors and to create/reshape the unique concept which can be used for movies or drama making both but once again the element of teamwork has to be considered and implement in order to get the success.


Often producers and directors implement and execute the stories with a commercial mindset where the only money comes first which is damaging the real essence of the story and it has also a bad impact on the industry as well hence often Pakistani movies failed to get the desired resulted and failed to meet with the expectations.

Pakistan Government should also take some key measures such as providing the social and financial security, raising funds or offer loans with ease in terms and conditions etc. Moreover, Government bodies should also open relevant institutes such as acting schools, organize singing classes and offer some other short courses to support the entertainment industry as once it build, it will be beneficiary for overall economic growth as well. We wish all the best to Pakistan entertainment industry.

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