This Shocking Video Proves That People Of Karachi Need To Be Extremely Careful Around The City!

The city of Karachi is seeing developments and construction works on a massive scale these days. Roads are dug up while major sites, infrastructure, and new roads are being built. These days, transit in Karachi is a nightmare due to massive traffic jams as a result of construction works on the roads.

Karachi has been neglected for so long. In the past 5 years, the city has not seen major developments. Old roadways are remotely maintained to a standard. The condition of infrastructure is in shambles and Karachiites could not have it any worse.

Source: Dilkash Pakistan

Where Karachiites continue to express their criticism and resentment towards the Government of Sindh for neglecting the city for so long, some people have breathed a sigh of relief after witnessing the city under development finally.

However, the right measures aren’t being taken by the authorities and contractors who are in charge of these developments. Accidents do happen but on such a vulnerable level, the right precautionary measures are strictly advised. Failing to comply can result in much damage and this is exactly what happened the other day in Karachi…

This recent accident at a construction site in Karachi will shake you to bits!

It is painful to watch it. But it is important that you do. We intend to create awareness among people, so they remain cautious and be wary of such things happening around them.

Source: YouTube

There are many questions to follow…

Why did the authorities at the construction site not take the right measures prohibiting civilians from entering the site? Where there was not any sign of warning or caution? Why was not the roadway blocked completely from all sides? We simply have no patience. So much could have been prevented from happening if we were observant of patience. It is simply a personification of what may happen when no one has any sort of patience.

Watch your away around the city. The situation seems to be getting more vulnerable. Every major site is under construction if not intentionally, accidents may happen. People need to be extremely careful now.

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