PM Imran Launches ‘Report Corruption’ App After ‘Digital Pakistan’ Project!

Imran Khan report corruption app

On Monday, Pakistan took one step closer to digitizing the government’s infrastructure as planned by the head of states, Imran Khan. He announced the launch of the ‘Report Corruption’ Mobile App on the International Anti-Corruption Day in Islamabad. The Prime Minister spoke on how the application will allow Pakistan to fight the ‘corrupt elements’ more effectively.

Report Corruption Mobile App Pakistan


This great step comes after the declaration of the digitization campaign headed by ex-Google employee Tania Aidrus; who left her executive position at the tech giant company to serve the people of Pakistan. With her expertise, experience, and vision, Pakistan will continue on with its journey in becoming a technologically advanced country; including effective governance through cutting-edge technology.

Tania Aidrus on Digital Pakistan

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To add to the first important steps in making the infrastructure of this project a reality, this corruption reporting app plays an important role in furthering the process.

The ‘Report Corruption’ App will revolutionize the future of accountability.

Report Corruption App Imran Khan

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The application allows reporting of corruption cases with the support of uploading complaints and evidence in the form of video, image and even documents. This will allow the factor of transparency between both parties; since it will allow the complainant to view the progress of their application. This, in turn, will not only help reduce corruption but will also help monitor the progress of the concerned officials.

Downloaded app from Google Play Store. 

Google Play Store Corruption Report App

Imran Khan on this initiative.

Imran Khan launches Report Corruption App

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Prime Minister Imran spoke about his vision of Naya Pakistan that is slowly but steadily transforming into a reality. Emphasizing the removal of corruption from the country, he said that the country’s progress heavily depends on the eradication of such wickedness; which to our dismay is high. In addition, he showed concerns regarding the obliviousness of the people who do not understand the grave implications corruption poses.

Moreover, he lauded the efforts of the Anti-Corruption Establishment of Punjab and encouraged them to educate the general public about this application and its workings. This application was introduced by the Anti-Corruption Establishment which was greatly appreciated by the prime minister.

‘Jihad against corruption’, says Prime Minister.

Issuing a call-to-action, the leader of Pakistan said, “Unfortunately, people shower flowers on looters and corrupt people. The whole nation will have to take part in the government’s ongoing ‘jihad’ against corruption by exposing corrupt elements in society,” said Imran Khan. He maintained that when corruption prevails in a country, the money that was to be spent on public healthcare, education and other important matters is invested in personal bank accounts; much like the current situation of Pakistan’s past leaders.

Imran’s reasoning supported by examples of China and African countries.

Moreover, he gave examples of African countries that are rich in natural resources but are shackled by corruption; which has led them into poverty. On the other hand, Imran praised China for its transparency and quick justice that has made this country successful. In addition, he added, “Chinese economy is considered the fastest growing economy only because the Chinese people, as well as the government, arose against corrupt elements and about 400 people of minister-level were jailed on corruption charges,”. 

Pakistan is stepping forward into the light of progress, technology, and success. This application will help fight the unwanted elements and the government is ensuring that by taking all necessary measures.

Will this app prove to be of great service to the Pakistanis? Share your thoughts below!

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