Police Picks Up Two Suspects In Dua Mangi Abduction Case!

Dua Mangi Case

The uncertainty of security conditions in Pakistan’s current state is gradually becoming a worrying stance. Time to time, some citizen is seen caught in a helpless scenario and unfortunately, no one to look up to for help. However, the recent kidnapping case of Dua Mangi from Karachi has finally, made progress and the police have held two suspects involved with the activity.

Two suspects held by the police in Dua Mangi kidnapping case!

Apparently, the case is now something much bigger and the local police seem consistent in connecting the dots. Thankfully, last week, Dua Mangi returned home after one whole week of being captive and it was sure a relief. Since the investigation is still underway, recently, the police got its hands on two suspects in the Dua Mangi case. As of now, the suspects are shifted to an unknown location for proper interrogation.

Dua Mangi Case


Causing chaos nationwide, Dua Mangi’s kidnapping has turned towards a more controversial aspect over time. According to media reports, this week, on Monday, the involved police in the abduction case caught two accused individuals. Certainly, to keep off the controversial bandwagon, both of the suspects are now transferred to an unidentified area for interrogation.

Dua Mangi’s family ‘rejected’ the ransom call!

Till now, several demands and objections regarding the case have come onto the mainstream floor. While the police are busy solving the mystery, Pakistanis are having their own assumptions calling it a ‘love’ issue. Leaving what people say behind, Dua Mangi’s family members have denied talking about her return home and even rejected the call for ransom.

Dua Mangi Case

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Well, the case is way more complicated than it seems to be and the pressure keeps on building. On the last Friday of last month, unknown men abducted Dua Mangi from Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) area. About a week later, last Friday night, the 20-year-old victim came back home under unexpected circumstances with silence.

“My daughter Dua Mangi reached home safely”!

Dua Mangi’s safe return was immediately caught up on the media whilst her family showed satisfaction. Expressing his emotions, the girl’s father Dr. Nisar Mangi took his happiness on Facebook. On the status, he wrote, “By the grace of God and blessing of the loving people of Sindh, people of Pakistan and friends from all over the world, my daughter Dua Mangi reached home safely”.

Dua mangi suspects


However, the rumors of kidnappers demanding ransom against Dua Mangi turned out Pakistanis’ helpful side. In order to gather the 0.25 million dollars ransom, Pakistanis set up a GoFundMe Facebook page to help the affected family. Well, the police are still flipping every coin to solve the case but the captivated suspects might reveal some crucial details.

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