A Constant Reminder to What Edhi Did for Our Pakistan – Yayvo Pays #TributeToEdhi

(Karachi, 8th July) It has already been a year since Abdul Sattar Edhi, one of our greatest national hero and humanitarian was taken away from us. He was a star for many and a true inspiration for others. Today, we saw the entire country celebrating his heroism and reminiscing his simple yet glorious life journey.

Edhi left a mark on this world, and has created a legacy for many generations to come. To remember him, Yayvo partnered withRotaract Club of Karachi Ocean to create a memoir for Edhi. Artists, creative geeks and like minded individuals got together today to paint a beautiful picture of Abdul Sattar Edhi in front of the National Coaching Center today in Karachi.

This painting will serve as a permanent reminder for all us about Edhi’s mission of helping everyone, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. A vigil was also hosted at the venue in the presence of several people including the Yayvo
team, in an effort to pay our respect to the services of Abdul Sattar Edhi.

This will also serve as a reminder to us all to not let go of his mission and in our own capacities carry on the vigil of hope. Edhi left us with a thought that will serve as the basic foundation of mankind, to be remembered
by the generations to come. ‘My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world.’

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