9 Ways People Judge A Girl In Pakistan

9 Ways People Judge A Girl In Pakistan

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Pakistani society is multi-ethical and multi-cultural. Everyone has their own stance the way of life and on life itself. Individuals practice their own norms, traditions, and customs to meet the desire need of the society in which we animate. Undoubtedly, we’re part of a society where everyone has different criteria of judgments too.

Despite having different standards and outlooks on life, the way of judging a girl is almost same in every chunk of society. Judging is an awful means of disrespecting women. A girl first and women second is often considered as an object to discuss. From walking across roads to going into her Alma mater till appearing for interviews, working in an organization and then being finalized for marriage, she encounters various judgments. Here are a few ways through which women are being judged in our society:

1)      Physical Appearance:

Source: Tumblr

In our society, most often we see a girl is judged by her appearance. For most people, a girl’s physical features matter a lot. Her appearance, including her features, makes her complete. It’s not her inner beauty but her physical appearance especially her features which make her attractive and beautiful.

It’s God’s blessing to bestow someone with beautiful eyes, the perfect shape of the nose but comparing one with another is the most favorite job of the public. It’s a girl’s fault that she doesn’t have a fair complexion or attractive eyes like others. People stoop so low that they think if someone looks pretty and has perfect facial features, she might be better than all other girls who are compared to her.

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2)      Caste/Sect:

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This is yet another area where a girl is being judged and is criticized badly. It’s her fate to born in a family with what so ever the caste or the sect. Girls belonging to Fiqh-e-Jafferia (Shia) are the prettiest ones, a girl who is a Memon is kunjoos while Bihari are clever and the ones who fight a lot.

3)      Make-up:

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If a girl thinks she’s is pretty enough and doesn’t apply any cosmetic product, society doesn’t accept her. She isn’t from another planet. It’s her own choice. I have myself seen girls criticizing other girls if they don’t have good makeup sense. Individuals start name calling of such girls and they are called ‘Behan Ji’. How ridiculous! Some people think that a guy would fall for you if you applied makeup well and comment on the ones who don’t do so by saying; ‘’Make up nhi karo gi th koi passand kaise karay ga’’

4)      Grooming:

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No doubt self-grooming is very important but it shouldn’t be at the expense of judging a girl. Being all groomed up in matching from head to toe is what people think makes up a girl. If she has a sense of grooming then she has everything. It has now become a necessity. Girls in this race often lose their originality and become what they are not.

5)      Dressing:

Source: Tenor

If a girl wears western dresses or sleeveless than she’s definitely the one who doesn’t offer prayer and her daddy has the most outrageous daughter. On the other hand, the ones who are shell covered in Abaya and burqa are the most innocent ones who doesn’t know any bad about this world. No matter if they visit parks with a guy and enjoy popcorn!

6)      Education:

Source: SHEmazing!

This falls into two categories. One is if a girl chooses science, she is intelligent and hardworking but if she pursues commerce or humanities then she’s not at good at studies. Moreover, her parents must be planning her marriage soon.

Secondly, if a girl is ambitious and wants to achieve her goals i.e. wants to study as much as she can then people consider her as intractable. She’s often symbolized as the one who is very outgoing. What happens in this world, the family doesn’t affect her.

7)      Marriage:

Source: BuzzFeed

Marriage is all about fate but some people really need to understand it. It’s not a girl fault if her family hasn’t found any suitable alliance for her and her age is above 25. People assume that if a girl is not getting married, it’s because she is very much demanding. Her parents haven’t taught how to compromise and be perfect marriage material.

8)     A Girl Is Responsible For Every Mistake:

Source: Tumblr

If a girl is divorced, get married late, harassed or any other situation, it’s always a girl’s mistake. She might have done something wrong for which she is paying now.

9)      If she works, she must be needy:

Source: Girlfriend Magazine

Living in the modern era still, some people are backward. They think that if a girl works, she must have some financial problems. They reject the idea of her independence or her achieving her goals and restrict her for no reason.

People of our society must rethink of all their doings. A girl/women is a respectful entity of this society. She has complete rights to her life. No one has any right to judge her except herself. People should know that such stupid judgment can destroy anyone. Like a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, in the same way, a girl shouldn’t be judged in such way.

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