8 Struggles That Only A Engineering Student Faces

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Often people think that Engineering is easier than Medical… well it’s not and this article is for my those brothers and sisters who are planning to get admission in an engineering college. So, let’s cut to the chase and start counting our struggles.

1. 8 am lectures will always be a part of your life

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Engineers are early birds, so no lie-ins. While your friends are sleeping till 12, you will be running for the bus into university for the lectures.

2. Lack of sleep

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The engineers are special species, they either sleep early or become habitual of functioning on 4 hours a day sleep.so if you are choosing to engineer to choose wisely.

3. Math, Math Everywhere

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This is the main problem that you are going to face if you choose to be an engineer and if you don’t like maths never jump into the engineering! Literary every other subject in engineering is related to maths!

4. That one annoying person

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You will have to work in a team and you just know that the one person you can’t stand will somehow end up in your group…

5. The library will become your permanent home

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Because you have to appear in 72 exams, hundreds of Viva and thousands of tests!

6. The race against time

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There will be some nights where you have to stay awake the whole night and work hard as you race against time to submit your assignment on time.

7. Girls are rare

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Engineering students are mostly male. Excitement fills the air when a large group of girls enters the engineering buildings. Although often they are just English students who always seem to have their seminars in our buildings.

and last but not the least

8. Confusion

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Whether it be using formulas, understanding lecturers or trying to decipher the scrawl you wrote down; throughout your degree, you will always have moments when you are completely and utterly confused. You’re an engineer: get used to it.

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