Mocking People Over Their Appearance Is Cruel And It’s About Time We Should Stop!

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One day I received a message from my friend telling me that there’s a post for me on the page of “CAMPUS FEED.” Yes, the new ‘cool’ thing. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the application to see what that ‘Anon’ has to say about me. As soon as I opened it, I saw a post, “Thoughts on Irma Khan.”

This was it. I opened the comments and saw few “not-so-hateful” remarks for me. After an hour or two, I received a notification of new comments on the same post, in that, whosoever did it, objectified my body. “The one with the big fat belly?” “That fatass?”

It’s about time we realize that such remarks are not funny. Even after studying in the 2nd top University of Karachi, Pakistan, we lack manners. We lack a good heart. We settle for less and stoop down to a whole new level. I’ve never understood the idea of confession pages or such applications in the first place. Does it make you look cool? To sit behind a screen and talk shit without having zero guts to come and say it to that person’s face. I’m not posting this because it happened to me, but because there are a lot more posts, not just for girls, but for boys, too.

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It’s because of people like you why suicides take place so often. I have the courage to deal with such shitheads, but not everyone can. Fat-shaming or thin-shaming is not a joke. Objectifying a person over their appearance is not a joke. Mocking someone for being fat so much; it’s not a joke if it begins to affect someone’s life. No, don’t even try to justify it. They’re laughing at themselves because that’s the only option most of them have. When the whole world is joking about you, the best you can do is laugh along.

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We’re all flawed but apparently, being fat falls in the worst category, no? There could be multiple reasons why an overweight person is a way he/she is. It could be the genes, it could be their body type that makes them put on weight faster than others, it could be a result of their mental instability, it could be because of their terrible eating habits, or much like you already guessed, he could just be a person who loves his/her burger way more than his/her life.

Yes, it’s unhealthy to be overweight. Yes, it could kill them one day. But that’s their life. They may be ignorant towards their health or it could just be a ‘wrong’ choice, just like you continue to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day knowing it’s harming your lungs. Either way, their body is none of your business. Either way, your nasty comments, and jibes aren’t really ‘helping’ the cause anyway.

So, stop pretending like fat shaming ‘encourages’ a healthy lifestyle. You’re not fat shaming them because you want them to get better. You know it’s nasty but you’re doing it still because you can. You’re doing it because it’s ‘funny’ to you. You’re doing it for the laughs, at their expense, over something that affects you in no way but might be their biggest insecurity.

You’re probably doing it because it makes you feel better about yourself. Or maybe, simply because that’s the only sorry comeback you’ve got to put them down. Mostly, you’re doing it because you’re an insensitive prick.

Don’t make people feel bad about themselves just because feeding off people’s insecurities is what helps you sleep at night. Peace.

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