9 Things All Pakistani Girls Must Do To Stop Being Mainstream

To all those ‘Bajis’ that think fitting them makes them special – joke’s on you. Keep fanning these typical norms and you’ll be stuck in a rut forever. Try breaking them and tearing them apart! You’d be surprised by how much you can shine!

1. Buy Non-Branded Clothes

So, why must you wear onlyyy Khaddi or Sapphire or Sana Safinaz? What happens if your clothes don’t have a designer tag? Do they not fulfill the purpose of clothes? Or does it have something to do with ‘fitting in’ when 4 people wear the same clothes at the same place at the same time?



2. Speak Whatever Language You Speak At Home

Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto or Siraiki . . . we all know this is what your Ammas say when you speak English at home . . .


3. Take Real ‘Candid’ Pictures

Stop being posy and fake. No need to have all your pictures in ‘shaadi wala attire’. Sometimes it’s okay to be caught in your sweats and PJs. Be natural. Let loose and smile. Or get friends with cool cameras that care enough to take natural pictures of you!



4. Stop Eating Only At E Street

How the hell is spending 1800 per person on food cool? Have you tried Meerath ka bbq? Or Indus Biryani? I think not.





5. Stop Judging People By Their Cell Phones

Instead, judge them by their abilities to be adventurous and spontaneous and have fun! Climb trees play on the swings have water fights!



6. Listen To All Sorts Of Music

You think we don’t see through your double standards when you claim to only listen to Beyonce but on mehndis and shaadis let out your inner maila by coming up with songs like AAAJ JUMMAHH HAII and PAANIII WALA DANCEE? Baji pliss.

giphy (2)


8. Wear Converse

If you think only wearing heels secures your femininity then its your mindset that needs exposure – not your body.

9. Watch Pakistani Dramas

And no we don’t just mean Humsafar or Zindagi Gulzar Hai (basically only Fawad Khan ones) – we mean all of them that are actually not half bad!


10. Be Loud

Be so loud you drain out all the sounds telling you ‘YOU CAN’T’.


11. Defy Mainstream Norms

Be You.


That’s the biggest defiance in this society.




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