US-PAK Relation; a Pad and a Stab

US-PAK Relation; a Pad and a Stab

In a recent highlight, Vedant Patel US spokesperson reaffirmed the ties between the USA and Pakitan however the reality lies differently.

In reference to the US delegation’s visit to Doha and Islamabad, Vedant Patel stated that Doha’s visit is to affirm US and its allies’ policies for Afghanistan while Islamabad’s visit is to enhance US-Pak bilateral trade.


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The USA’s strong reaction to the Iranian president’s visit counters the US’s recent action. The Iranian President’s visit was met with a statement threatening sanctions on countries conducting trade with Iran. Pakistan is a soverign nation-state and in a counter by the foreign office of Pakistan, this idea was reaffirmed along with the desire to hold trades on Pakistan’s interest.

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