9 Benefits of Sleeping – How It Can Better your Mind, Body and Soul

Benefits of sleeping

Everybody loves to sleep, it is something almost everyone finds joy in. It gets especially enjoyable as you grow older. It is also enjoyable for the person sitting next to a sleeping person. Because of the weird things they probably do in their sleep.  But in today’s world sleeping 8 hours is rarely a possibility. At some point in life, we just accept the fact that we would not be able to sleep 8 hours a day anymore. We underestimate the benefits of sleeping. And ignore the fact that getting a good nights sleep isn’t just a good idea but an essential one.

A good night’s sleep is vital for our emotional and physical well-being. You do not want to be cranky and or fatigue while taking that big important exam or giving the promotion worthy presentation. Let me tell you the benefits of getting a good nights rest.

Sleep Helps You Improve Your Memory

It is pretty well known that you tend to remember things less when you are tired. When you fall asleep this gives your brain time to organize and gather itself. Remember stuff and putting things in the right places. Just taking your day and making a memory out of it. Furthermore, Deep Sleep is quite important for your brain. This allows it to make memories and the links in them as well. So, that is why getting a good night’s sleep is so important.

Sleep Reduces Stress

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Have you ever felt like sleeping when you are too stressed? Maybe you have projects due or have a very important meeting? Do your eyelids get heavy and you just want to snuggle up with your blanket and sleep? Well, that is for a good reason because sleeping actually reduces stress and helps your brain to calm down. Not getting enough sleep can also result in stress. So, make sure to take as much rest as you can.

Sleep Makes You Live Longer

Sleeping is good for the skin that is something everybody knows. But sleeping can also allow you to live longer. Sleeping for more than 6 hours allows your brain and body to repair itself. Sleeping lowers your cortisol levels. It is also linked to preventing diabetes and controlling your insulin. Sleeping enough is said to increase your life expectancy. While sleeping less or for extended periods of time is said to harm you in the long run.

As a teenager, you should sleep for 9-10 hours a night. It will help you grow taller and will improve your brain as well. But as an adult you should aim to sleep 6-8 hours, 7 being the sweet spot. Remember sleeping for long as an adult will do more harm than good. So take a well-deserved rest for 7 hours and wake up fresh.

Sleep Helps You Lose Weight

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One of the best benefits of sleep is that it helps in fat loss. Weigh yourself before you go to bed and then weigh yourself after you wake up. You will see that you got 3-4 lbs lighter after waking up. This is because you were in a fasted state but it is super good for your mental health.

While you sleep your body takes all the nutrients your body took in a few hours before sleeping. And puts it to good use. Uses water to keep you hydrated throughout the night and uses the macronutrients for muscle repair and other functions. This helps you maintain your weight and not increase it each day. This is why sleeping is the number one thing to look after when trying to lose weight.

Sleep Is Great For Muscle Recovery

As I mentioned in my previous point, sleeping helps in body repair. So, if you are an avid gym goer or a muscle head. You should know that sleeping is as important as lifting weights. You break and tear your muscles in the gym and your muscles recover and repair during your slumber.

The science behind this is this. Your muscle is build up of thousands of fibers. These fibers get torn and damaged when you lift weights. And when you take a rest day or sleep these fibers build themselves stronger. Therefore, giving your muscles more size and strength. If you do not allow your muscles to recover your arms, chest, shoulders, and back would not grow and would not gain any strength.

So, if you have a complaint of lacking size or strength now you know why.

Sleep Keeps Your Heart Healthy

A good sleeping pattern is known to keep your heart healthy. Heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular problems are much less likely to affect you if you have a good sleeping schedule. As sleep lowers your cortisol levels and also reduces inflammation, this allows your heart to function more efficiently. Hence keeping your heart healthy. Also, it helps prevent signs of aging so that is a plus point with a good heart.

Although, keep in mind to not oversleep. As mentioned above, 9-10 hours for a teenager and 6-8 for an adult.

Sleep Is A Natural Painkiller

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You probably have had your mother tell you “Sleep, the pain will get better.” And you probably have noticed it yourself as well. When you have a headache or your back hurts and you sleep, you always wake up feeling better. When you have a fever and you sleep, you wake up and BOOM all better! Sleep helps you in pains and even virals. So instead of sulking on the pain, just sleep it away.

Sleep Allows You To Be More Focused

Feeling lethargic and having heavy eyelids would kill anyone’s focus. These things happen due to the lack of sleep one gets. This is why everyone says to get plenty of sleep before your finals. So, sleep to heighten your senses, including focus.

Sleep Curbs Depression

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People do one of two things when they are sad or depressed. They either eat or sleep. Where the former leaves you more depressed worrying about your weight. The latter relaxes you and calms you down. So if you tend to eat when you are depressed. Try putting your head down for an hour or two. You will wake up feeling much better and with a whole new attitude.

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