This Peer Is Thugging Muslim Women Making Them Kiss His Feet And This Is Going Too Far!

Every religion has its own rules and teachings which needs to be adhered by the practitioner. Among all, Islam is said to be the complete religion of peace and proper guidance. With time and the world evolving, many extremist minds and fake propagandists who are against Islam have somehow defamed the religion through the mainstream media.

In this era, where the uneducated insane minds believe in fake peers and babas whose prime target is to just rob money. The percentage of these thug peers is comparatively high in Pakistan because of lack of education. These pseudos are nothing even close to any religious commitment and are just there to rob off people in disbelief. Every now and then, videos of such peers and babas looting other people, circulate over social media.

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Another video of a so-called peer went viral on social media and the sane people can’t stop cursing him. The viral video comprises of people bowing in front of this man who calls himself a peer. In the video, the ladies wearing hijab are willingly bowing in front of the so-called peer and kissing his hands and feet. Below is the video attached:

This is the video that went viral over Facebook!

انسانیت کی تذلیلاستغفراللہ توبہ توبہ توبہ اس ویڈیوکو شئیرکریں اور اپنی عورتوں کو ان بیغرت جعلی پیروں کے پاس جانےسے روکیں

Gepostet von Jk Talk am Freitag, 19. April 2019

As the video caught people’s attention, a wave of anger was seen among them. Some even quoted that ‘a Muslim is only bound to bow in front of Allah’ and some even called it propaganda against Islam. Have a look at the comments below!

This guy said it right!

No idea where these fake peachers are gonna take us further!

Exactly! For once please try to be a better child fro your parents instead of wasting time and money on these thugs!

A person looting people in the name of religion doesn’t belong anywhere!


May Allah guide us all on the right path and help us to maintain a strong relationship with our religion (Ameen)!

The increasing number of these fake peers is our own fault and disbelief in the fact that God alone is enough for me. Just hoping that the literacy rate of the country starts increasing soon so that people can differentiate between right and wrong easily.

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