Here’s How Depression Leads To Suicide

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As we all know that the number of suicides is increasing day by day and 80% of them are because of depression, anxiety, fear and to show sympathy to those, the people are tweeting and uploading statuses! The ones who have left the world will not return but we can save the others suffering from the same situation. Unfortunately, our work is limited to just putting up status regarding them.

And on the other hand the people who put up tweets like” He /She committed suicide I felt so sad, I wish I could have helped them ” are the same one who rebuked and bullied them for seeking help! Laughed at them when they wanted to get some help from the psychiatrist. Whenever they were feeling out of control and wanted to get some help and care and visit the psychiatrist you stopped them by saying,”Are you mental? Do you get fits? No na then why are you visiting them?”

Source: Waking Times

But no one asked them are you okay? What happened any problem? And you got busy in your routine and they were again helpless hopeless pretending to be happy and sound Infront of you but fearing what will happen if I get a panic attack in public? Probably they will laugh at me or label me a mentally retarded person.

Source: Depression Treatment Centers, Texas

In our society, if we visit a physician it is considered okay but still in few parts of society to visit a psychiatrist is considered not a normal thing or may be taboo. If a man is suffering from depression, he is told to stay strong to support his family and if same happens with a girl she is told to keep her mouth shut and Don’t Tell anyone if she is taking antidepressants because she might not get a “good rishta” if this thing gets leaked out in society.

Still, in the 21st century, most people have the same perception as stated above and only a few people have awareness regarding mental health. If someone is suffering from depression and anxiety due to any cause we should help them and counsel them to visit a psychiatrist rather than making fun of them.

Being a victim of depression and anxiety myself I can feel the Pain of those who are suffering from this. And I feel no shame in visiting a psychiatrist every fourth month. Or taking medicine every fortnight. Instead of mourning over the loss of people who committed suicide help those who are still suffering from it!!!!

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