Hotels Are Adapting To Appeal To The Millennial Generation – Here Is How They Are Doing It

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Millennials are the not so old yet old enough to be adults age group; kind of like in the middle. The millennial generation starts from the early twenties and are the number one travelers in the world now. This is why many hotels are trying to adapt according to the millennial way just so they can satisfy the taste of these tourists. Moreover, there have been multiple changes in the way hotels serve and they are ditching their regular ways. Maybe some of these millennial-friendly hotels might welcome you with hot chocolate and a pool table! Let’s figure out how these hotels are changing their structure to meet millennial demands:

The Basis Behind Such Hotels – Types Of Hotels For Millennials:

Considering that Hong Kong is a bustling city with tourists flying in pretty much every second. The hotel business is seeing significant growth and it needs to innovate in order to remain stable. Asia, itself, is a major tourist destination so it is no surprise that Asian countries are trying to cater to the millennial audience much more intensely than anyone else.

One of such hotels includes Canopy. A brand that is entirely focused on the millennial generation. Your day in that hotel seems like any other normal day but the luxurious part is you can be served breakfast which is healthy and made with locally grown ingredients. Then there are fun events including musical concerts that you can participate in as well. Not to mention, it is super easy to check in such hotels. They are made exclusively for the laid-back attitude of the millennials and constitutes towards their image of an ideal vacation.

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Another such example of a millennial-friendly hotel is off the Aloft hotels. They have a unique vibe with the main focus on technology. Everything in these hotels is digital. You can be welcomed by robots on your way to the hotel, it is easy to order food in a few minutes, and has brilliant Wi-Fi that works throughout the hotel. Moreover, the exciting part is that these hotels actually have band performances. Therefore, there is absolutely no way to feel bored in an Aloft hotel.



millennial generation

Source: Travel Market Report

What would millennial hotels be without all the parties and vibrant colors? W hotels are the new way to entertain yourself on your vacations by being a part of a colorful theme. The furniture, background, and pools make these hotels perfect for vlogs and social media. Furthermore, there is also always a restaurant close to the hotel. Food and entertainment all in one place! This completes everything as a dream vacation.


These Hong Kong Hotel Owners Are Changing The Game With Their Hotel Design Considerations:

Hong Kong is making it big in terms of property increasing. Many skyscrapers and other such innovative buildings are constructed by the day in this region. And looking at the tourist percentage in Hong Kong, it is no joke that many hotels would need to change their ways of operating. It is important to cater to a larger audience which is of the millennial generation then the custom designs of such hotels change as well.

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Source: The Most Perfect View

The Tung Nam Lou Hotel is increasing the competition by renovating the hotel into something unique and millennial-friendly. Moreover, there are rooms for tea, art, and even work. You can find works from various artist all over the hotel. So, if you are an art freak then finding art everywhere can be a delightful experience.

St. Regis is Hong Kong’s newest hotel. Its design and interior has a ‘deeper meaning’ and hasn’t been applied without any second thoughts. According to Andre Fu, who developed the interior, the hotel design considerations were completed through a sequence, more like bits and pieces. He said, “We started the project with the dining venues, but were later invited to create a holistic vision for the entire project. I always believe in a full duration of experience, in many ways similar to how a film is conceived from the start all the way to its finale, with accents and emotionally charged moments.”

Then he further adds in, “I wanted to go deeper than the stereotypical concept of lanterns, junks, and temples, and tap into my own memories of the city,” and that can actually be felt in the design of the hotel. There is a lot of history in the designing, with influences from shapes of buildings from the ’30s as well as the 19th century. The hotel was similar to the one in New York but it had the traditional East Asian touch to it. You can see Hong Kong being alive in the patterns of the hotel. Moreover, it seems like the color combination usually consists of grey, green, and orange.

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What Do Millennials Consider As A Great Hotel Experience?

Many of the millennials tend to avoid hotels that follow the old-style. They seem to prefer it when hotels go out of their way to create an engaging environment with extra features. According to a survey by FutureBrand Speck, within about 250 travelers, the youngsters admitted that they like it when the hotels incorporate technology. And the millennial generation has also admitted to admiring features like ‘fitness and wellness’ within hotels. So, if a millennial ever have a negative experience within a hotel it always has to do with an issue regarding this element.

They also appreciate technology and consider it a necessary part of their hotel journey. However, regular technology can do the work. Many of the millennials have mentioned that having extra things like voice technology is not a necessity. The Director Of User Experience, FutureBrand Speck says,  “Voice interfaces are still refining their personal experience. Until people have a better sense of what they can do with these voice assistants and where they will focus more on the tried and true technologies they are aware of first”



What do you think of the undying trend of catering towards the millennial generation as the largest touring generation? Are these hotels doing the right thing? Share your thoughts!

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