8 Frequently Asked Hilarious Questions Pathans In Pakistan Are Tired Of Listening!

The Pashtuns, commonly known as Pakthuns and Pathans, historically belong to the native group of North-Western Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan holds the largest population of Pathans and this particular  population overall makes up the second largest ethnic group followed and practiced in our country.

Pathans speak one of the most beautiful languages in the world, Pashto – also known as Pashtun. What makes this language even more beautiful is that it is an eastern Iranian language. Overall, Pathans make up 15% of the total population of Pakistan, with 27.7 million Pathans present in different cities of the country.

While Pathans just like all other ethnicities of Pakistan are spread here and there, many Pakistanis are amused when they come across a Pathan as their practices, just like their language are different from others.

Note: These questions were shared by three Pathans who belong to different areas in KPK. 

1. “Pashto Aati Hai?”

Pathano ko Pastho nahi aye gy tou aur kisko aye gy?

Even I have asked this question a number of times from Pathans I have encountered (sorry not sorry) because well, their language is SO unique and the way they converse with each other makes you want to know about it.

2. “Pashto Main Gaaliya Aati Hai? Seekha Hi De Aik Do”


I am sure I am not the only one who wanted to learn curse words in Pashto. Best of all, the curse words are so unique in pronunciation, Pakistanis from other ethnic groups cannot even guess what they mean.

3. “Are All Pathans Gay?”

Let’s just leave this one here…

4. “Naswar Khate Hu Tum?”



Ao jigar, mil k karte hai.

And if you choose to say no to this question, they instantly start judging you. “Kaise pathan hu tum jo naswar nahi khatay?”

5. “Baqiyo Sae Pehle Ramazan Aur Eid Kyun Mnate Hu?”

Well, this is a large debate.

6. “Do You Guys Allow Your Women To Leave Their Homes?”

One of the most “controversial” questions Pathans are asked is if they allow their women or if a Pathani is allowed to step out of her home or not. What people forget is that extremists are present in each and every culture. Be it Punjabi or Pathans, an extremist mindset doesn’t belong to a specific ethnicity to restrict women from their basic rights.

While this question is debatable and largely depends on which caste you belong to, keep in mind that it varies. Famous Afghani singer Naghma and Pakistan’s very own Malala Yousafzai also belong to the Pathan caste.

7. “Do You Guys Have Any Good Places To Eat In KPK?”

Yes, they do. Of course, they do. They are not aliens, man…

Overall, KPK entertains international chains like Mr. Cod, Pizza Hut, and KFC. In Peshawar however, the food lifestyle is evolving immensely. Alongside McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway and Hardees will soon open their outlets as well.

8. “Do All The Talibans Live In Peshawar?”


Generalizing, yet again. Talibans can be anywhere, even in our city.

So just Olamba and enjoy the stories of Pathans because trust me, they are worth listening to.




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