Video Of Reham Khan Being Interrogated By A Random Woman Who Got A Little Too “Badtameez”

Reham Khan who actually claims to be a Pashtun is actually not a Pakistani national. Guess how? She was born in Libya and raised in the UK! Her Parents, however, are actually from Abbottabad and they have roots from Hunza. Reham flares her being a Pashtun and try to gain the followed system which IK did! Well, a few days back, she was accusing Imran Khan on how he used religion to gain voters and success. Lady! Wait. Umm… So, people wouldn’t know about many intricate things until it is not said out loud. She, too, is cashing out the Pashtoon thing. No?

Oh!! She’s cashing out on her second marriage as well. Her book’s content and Twitter feed are too full of IK! Imran Khan without giving much heed ended the marriage didn’t make much fuss about it. But Reham Khan, long after the marriage was ended, she still seems to be talking about how his political career is going down the drain and his personal life was made public. That too, through a BOOK! Well, where is the right to privacy?!

Leaving everything behind, some lady just got hold of Reham Khan and she was a bit too BADTAMEEZ with her and her son!

This lady actually wanted to “interview” Reham and get all the answers without giving Reham any chance to answer!

Well, what’s the difference between sane and insane then? If everyone starts being same as each other!

Looks like it is hounding. Can’t say much!

What! Seriously? This is how we deal with criticism? WOAH!!

Asking a question without giving the other person any chance to answer. Umm… what’s the point

Here’s the full video of the “hounding” that happened in the park

Pffftt!! As long as she’s not hurting someone, let her do whatever she wants to do. She was allegedly giving an interview to Indian media. Well, her choice! Let her do. Cheers. 😉

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