7 Things That Happen When The Semester Is Drawing To An End

It’s that time of the year; the time of the year where you wish death upon yourself and are teetering on the edge of an emotional breakdown. Here are some of the things that happen as the semester closes to an end;

1. You realize you haven’t written a single word for you end of term research paper;


2. You realize you have to cram 567637 chapters of this semester, in your head;


3. You curse yourself for not realizing number 1 and 2 earlier;


4. You cry over how low you have let your GPA drop this semester;

semester end2

5. You debate over whether you should drop two courses or three;


6. You realize your graduation is drawing closer and closer;


7. You pledge to yourself that the next semester will be a fresh, better start;


But the next semester will see a similar fate!


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