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10 Stages In The Life Of A ‘Tubelight’ Friend

Every group of friends has people that fall under different categories; the foodie the selfie obsessed the dirty minded one and of course, the ‘tubelight’. The beauty is that as annoying as these characteristics may get, nothing would be the same without either of them.

1. Sometimes You Pretend To Understand And Play Along


2. You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask What The Joke Was


3. You Have That One Friend Who Sees Through Your Bullshit And Fills You In When No One Is Looking


4. Sometimes You Say Things Without Realizing How Your ‘Dirty-minded’ Friends Will Perceive It


5. Even If You Ask Them To Repeat Themselves Because You Didn’t Hear Them The First Time

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6. Sometimes They Tend To Safe-Guard Your Innocence Too


7. When You Realize What Dirty Minded Friends You Have


8. Sometimes You End Up Laughing When You Should’ve Been Offended

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9. When You DO Make A Dirty Joke . . . It Takes Them A While To Digest That



10. When You Finally Understand What The Joke Was …




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