The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Your Upcoming Semester

Note: This is a serious guide to acing your semester. No party, no poondi, no thullay, no suttay — yes, you read it right. It is time to get serious!

The summer break has come to its mid-point and most of the young generation is now focusing on preparing for their entry tests in different universities around Pakistan. Young students are constantly memorizing and understanding their curriculum content while their families grow worried of what might become of them.

Ultimately, these hardworking kids will find themselves accepted in top-notch universities of the country and before you know it, they will be rushing to their 9 to 5 lectures from Monday to Friday.

There are some of us who would be devastated in the morning when we have to leave our beds and go to classes we hate.

Like it or not, we have to study. So, before you step inside professional education, let us give you an early lead on how to ace a semester:

1. Self-study is the main factor to success

Here’s to growing up, guys. Welcome to the adult life. You are the doctor of your own disease.

In universities, teachers do not care if you have not done an assignment or prepared for a quiz. When the deadline comes, you have to deliver. To get through this, you need to focus on the concepts being taught and if they are still a blur, go on and raise a question.

However, if you are still unsure, do not forget to revise at home.

2. Books are necessary now, more than ever

You might have heard seniors say that one can rote-learn lecture slides and ace all the tests, but if you are in for the knowledge, as well go borrow that course book from the library.

Books clear all the misconceptions that a simple lecture slide sometimes cannot and if you wish to succeed in your opted degree, they will guide you a long way.

3. Do not over exert

Too much of anything can be bad and most students either realize this too late or do not realize it at all. Yep, too much pizza is bad as well. Same is the case with education.

Take a chill pill, maybe? Or just mentally prepare yourself to not cry out loud because this mean world doesn’t care about us.

What is more disappointing is that even teachers do not help out and they keep pouring in large quantities of assignments, quizzes, and presentations, all within a one-week time frame.

This leave students deprived of their social life and restricts one of their major growing areas that would help them for the rest of their professional lives. Organize and implement, this is what you need to do.

Plan accordingly and allot plenty of time for leisure without reducing the necessary study time that you would need.

Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it will be this hard….but there is no going back to the start now.

4. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy

University life is a great time where you can learn a sport and indulge in various other physical activities either alone or with the help of your friends. Do not ignore them as these small activities will brighten your whole stay at the institute and will give you memories that you would cherish later on.

Most students, (or what we like to call them, theetas) remain bookworms which is wrong on so many levels. Books do lead to success but walking down only on that path will slowly kill the excitement that you once had in your life. Do not harm yourself that way. Go out and play that game that you always wanted.

In the end, it is up to you how you choose to live out your university life. If you plan it well, you will end up among all those numerous alumni that still claim that the best part of their life was their time at their universities.

Celebrate, play, and party. But, never forget why you are there in the first place.

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