5 Struggles Of Every Pakistani After Eid ul Adha

5 Struggles Of Every Pakistani After Eid ul Adha

Eid has come and gone and we all loved it. What is there not to love? We get to eat all the delicious beef and mutton related khanay, and get to meet family that we love and friends we enjoy hanging out with. But Eid brings certain inconveniences with it after everything is done and dusted.

Here’s a list of five struggles that every Pakistani faces after Eid.

Bathroom Troubles

This is the first thing that everyone notices when they wake up after an entire day of chomping on meat and meat products. The overdose on red meat definitely causes some major discomfort to their stomachs and hours are spent undoing the mistakes.

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We hope it’s not really tough with you guys this year!

Getting ready for work

Usually after 3 days of Eid and a coincidental long weekend, no one is the mood to get up the next morning and go to work. So, our government fixed that problem for us this year and reduced the Eid holidays to 2 days from 3.


the gift of ojhri

You’re driving down the road. You just made a turn to your left and there it is. In all its glory, it sits there, unapologetic. Right in the middle of the road. No questions asked. You try to avoid running your tires over it so to prevent further problems for the city’s sanitation department. But whom are we kidding?

The ojhri is going to opened up by several crows and the insides are going to be spread around the road. We need someone to #FixIt.

The scent of Blood

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It’s in the air. It’s almost as if Eid isn’t Eid without it. The rivers of flowing blood and the perfume of iron in the air are just as imperative for Eid as barbecue parties themselves.

Missing your janwar

Probably the biggest struggle is what the essence of Eid is all about; sacrificing your beloved animal for Allah. You spend countless days with them, cleaning them, feeding them, loving them. And one day, you lay them down on the order of your God and cut their throats. It is easily the most painful thing.

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But it also is pleasing to see how you’re willing to sacrificing the very thing you love for Allah. It’s also comforting to know how this animal would be going in a better place and waiting for us.

Joking aside, this Eid holds a significant value for everyone involved. May Allah accept our sacrifices and shower his blessings upon us. May we learn to control our eating habits and may we learn to keep our city clean in the next Eids to come.

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