This Apartment Notice From Karachi Is Causing An Uproar On Social Media!

This Apartment Notice From Karachi Is Causing An Uproar On Social Media!

Living in south-Asia, we are all very used to the maids and servants all around us. Doing our work for us, helping us when we need it for a meager payment every month. It is like modern day slavery. But we won’t go into it.

We have all seen multiple people treating their servants with kindness and humanity and we all must appreciate that. On one hand, we have people who are mistreating them, and on the other hand, we have some people not even treating them right but also equally to any other human being.

Recently, we noticed an alleged notice to the residents of an apartment in Karachi that is circulating the internet. It mentions how maids and servants using the elevators are causing inconvenience for the residents of the buildings.

Here is the notice:

On the other hand, people on the social media are pointing out the validity in the reason behind the notice. According to one user on Twitter:

What do you think about this? Do you think this is authentic and has valid reasons behind it? Let us know!

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