8 Things Not To Do On This Year’s Eid-Ul-Adha

Eid-ul-Adha is around the corner – the spirits (and prices) in bakra maandi are sky-rocketing and so are the hopes of eating gosht like there is no tomorrow.

While a number of ‘burger bache’ (including myself) have no liking towards the qarbani ka gost (don’t judge plis?), that does not mean you don’t enjoy another Holy festival with high spirits. That also means you need to stop your inner maila from doing a number of things on this year’s eid. Things like:

1. Taking Selfies/Pictures with Your Qurbani ka Janwar

Twitter: Umar Akmal

Twitter: Umar Akmal

You might be cool, but please don’t be as ‘K3wl’ as Umar Akmal?

2. Putting Snapchat Filters on Your Bakra/Gaye



As if our own faces weren’t enough that now, you want to add your mazloom janwar’s face as well? Why do you want to make your goat a princess or a Dalmatian?

3. Wishing Eid in a Weird Manner (Seriously??)

“Happy Bakra Eid Mubarik to You All. Easy on the meat. 😉 😉 ;)”

“Baaaa baaaa Eid Mubarik 😀 😀 :D”

“Humara bakra tou chala gaya…..par kya aap akae humari Eid achy karde gay? Eid Mubarik dosto!!!”

“Is Eid pe Chaand tou nahi nazar aana…aye ga b kyun, mae tou ghar pe hu. :p :p Eid Mubarik. :D’’

((__)) (“.)”‘””‘)? ‘y””y’ Dil Ki Gehrayo Se Bakra Eid Ka Intzar Kren Or Filhal SabZi Or Daal Pr Guzara Kren.”

4. No Bakra Jokes, Please

5. Expecting Eidi on This Eid

You won’t get anything on this Eid aside from packets of gosht, gosht and some more gosht. In short, enough gosht for the rest of the year.


6. Do Not Put Pictures/Snapchats of Your Dead Animal




Please guys, that is not even cool. We don’t want to know you watched the qurbani live. Have mercy.

7. Sleeping All Day Long and Not Distributing Meat

On a serious note, do something different this Eid if it wasn’t a part of your Eid-routine before.



Wake up early, help your mother sort out meat and distribute it amongst your neighbors and the needy. They need this sacrifice more than us.

8. Eating Too Much



Scientifically proven, red meat has a number of side-effects, especially to people in their adulthood. So you might want to control the ‘champay’ and other meaty items.

Make a change on this year’s Eid and enjoy to the fullest!

Eid Mubarik, everyone!


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