5 Signs Which Show That You’re Confusing Infatuation with Love

Sign 1: Hanging Out Doesn’t Mean Love!


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If he/she is the kind of a person with whom you enjoy hanging out, eat lunch or dinner or shop with, trust me when I say that you don’t love them! They’re just a good company perhaps. When you love someone, you dream bigger about them than this!

Sign 2: Being Alarmed All The Time


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Ever realized where on Earth does the “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” feeling vanishes when it has just been a couple of months since you are dating him/her? Take this alarm on a serious note and immediately confess them that they only infatuate you. When we talk about love, their presence and absence both give you goosebumps- forever.

Sign 3: No Love vs Age


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Stop believing in the notion “Love doesn’t come with age”. Of course it does! You can’t fall in love when you are just a teenager. Just as we grow and mature physically, our emotions mature as well. Love is about commitment, that too for a lifetime and sometimes even after that!

Sign 4: Respect Comes First Than Love


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He doesn’t love you if he only meets you while with his squad, throwing silly jokes and wickedly laughing with them. He is only scoring a chick and letting his friends know what a cool Casanova is he. Love only develops when the bond of respect is achieved. You respect first- loves come later naturally.

Sign 5: Let Your “Love” Go When Asked


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If she asks you to forget her because her parents want her to get settled with an overseas rishta- don’t regret that and stop yourself from going into the Devdas Mode. Dude, she never loved you. Love is about sticking together gracefully till the end.

People, especially youngsters, often confuse their emotions with love, attraction, and liking. Love is a simple, yet complicated, emotion. It gets simple when we keep our egos, demands, complaints, and discomforts aside. However, we complicate it by telling lies and worshiping egos. Unfortunately, we destroy ourselves emotionally to the extent where we lose the understanding of relationships and eventually stop loving ourselves. You can only get ready to love someone when you love yourself. Love is a beautiful emotion- don’t humiliate it and yourself by misunderstanding it!


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