Here's How Coffee Can Reduce Body Timings to 40 Minutes

Here’s How Coffee Can Reduce Body Timings to 40 Minutes

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Scientists say that sleep disorder after taking coffee in the evening have many causes. According to a research published in medical journal, caffeine in coffee not only increase the speed of blood circulation but it also slows body timings or clock of body. Taking one cup of double espresso coffee three hours before sleep will slow down the sleep hormones, and insomnia occurs.

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According to experts, our activities affects our sleeping and body clock deeply. Dr. John Neil part of research said that if you are tired and you want to take coffee to wake up, then this is a bad decision.


By taking coffee it will be difficult for you to sleep, and you will not be able to sleep properly and completely. For this research cells were grown in laboratory, and then it is observed that after taking caffeine how their abilities effected. In caffeine saturated cells chemical clock timings changed.


For research, 05 people were asked to live in a lab for 50 days in dim light. After several months’ experiments, Scientists agreed upon that taking caffeine in the evening may cause 40 minutes dilation. Doctor Neil said that though these outcomes are not rigid still he himself don’t take coffee after 5 in the evening. He said that these research results will help in insomnia people therapeutic, those who woke up early in the morning and still may not be able to sleep at night.

According to Dr. John Neil, this research may be helpful for jet lag, if you are traveling from East to West, and you use caffeine in proper day timings, then it will be helpful in Jet league control.


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