5 Savage Moments When Your Boss Took “Leli” To A Whole New Level!

Our boss, the one who has ultimate power and extreme authority over us, the poor peasants. Do our bosses just wake up every morning and say, “Aaj tou maine apne employees ki khobb leni hai?” :’)

Some people love their bosses while others despise them. If you are that one employee that never makes anything right and gets bashed by your boss, you would probably hate them, which is nothing new. On the other hand, there are bosses (like mine) who value your work and make you realize that you have more ability than you think you have so you consistently do better work than you think you could ever do. We are blessed to have such authority around us.

However, regardless of how good or bad they are, there is this one trait found in any kind of boss. It does not matter either they are senior or a hot-shot young chief. This trait is how our bosses take “mil k leena kisi ki” to a whole new level. Our bosses can act real savage in certain moments that mouth-agape you. It can either be sarcastic or extremely embarrassing…

We have all faced these moments. Time to recall them and just laugh it out!

1. When Your Boss Roasts You in Public. Out.of.Nowhere


2. When You Try to Be Nice And Share Your Lunch With Them But They Eat All Of It


Jaan bhi lelo meri yaar!!!

3. When You ‘Try’ To Be Nice And Just ‘Offer’ To Do Multiple Tasks And They Take The Offer Seriously

Source: Tenor

Source: Tenor

Boss: “LMAO faggot as if you had any choice!”

4. When They Make Impossible “Excuses” Seem Obnoxiously Possible


5. When They Crack a Sarcastic Joke but Pretend They were Serious and Start Schooling You


Source: Imgur


Well, if they are not going to act like that then who would? After all, they are the authority. This is probably the most common way they can get humorous, in case you find it hard realizing it.

One must appreciate their boss acting like that. They might be getting personal in a soft and humorous way where expect you to laugh and not take things personally against you or even if you do, they would not bother, after all, whose the boss?

If you are somebody’s boss and reading this, just know that your subordinates do realize what you are up to and some may take it in a funny way without minding the stark humor in your antics.

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