Work Without Love Is Slavery - A Message For All The Employees And Bosses Out There

Work Without Love Is Slavery – A Message For All The Employees And Bosses Out There

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We always talk about how people around us affect our mental health, how the pressure of getting good grades can damage us intellectually and psychologically, how heartbreaks can make us emotionally unstable. Why do we never talk about depression and anxiety in the workplace? Why do we never realize how this can disturb the productivity of a workplace? Only because, a job means being an adult, why are we forced to deal with every shit thrown at us by our boss or co-workers?

Have you tried looking around that maybe you are the one making someone’s life miserable by bullying them for their demotion or demotivating them for doing an excellent job as a colleague, or maybe, you are the boss who overburdens your employee or shouts at their employees for a human error that could have been ignored or you are the one who never appreciates them for what they try to do and sometimes for which they put an effort of a whole day, a week or a month?

Quartz magazine reveals that “a bad boss can be as harmful to employees as passive smoking. It also says that the longer you stay in a job working for someone who stresses you, the greater the damage is to your physical and mental health.” While talking to a number of people, it was discovered that many people are not happy with the behavior of their bosses, but at the same time, they cannot quit the job for financial reasons and the lack of opportunity.


According to mental health America, 15% of people suffering from depression can die by suicide. “I remember getting panic attacks whenever the intercom rang because I was so scared of my boss. My first job became a nightmare for me. My mental and physical health started deteriorating resulting in keeping me awake at night.”, Says an employee.

That is less of a statistical writing piece and more of an awakening call to understand how this impacts both an employer as well as an employee. If the productivity decreases, the employer and the reputation of a workplace both are on stake. Why is it difficult for a boss to encourage an employee for their work or to talk to them about where they are lacking rather than yelling at them for how horrible is their progress?

Source: The Wire

Why is it difficult for you to stop bullying your colleague only for the sake of fun thinking it to be harmless or to go and talk to them if they need support physically or emotionally? If we compare places where bosses and work environment are pleasant and friendly with the places where the boss is a pain in the neck, there is a huge difference in creativity, progress, and production.

Please learn to be kind and sympathetic enough to realize that every person at work is suffering from a lot of things. It takes a whole lot of courage getting out of the bed to work for 9 hours only to get a little amount of money in return. Understand that, every one of us is fighting battles of low incomes, heartbreaks, anxiety, fear of failure, family problems and a lot more than you and I can imagine going through.

How about we all take responsibility for the ever-increasing suicides and depression cases by making a move first? That would not cost you much, in fact, this will save another life because none of us would wish to be the reason for someone’s misery or death knowingly or unknowingly.

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