Shehzad Roy’s Amazing Performance In PSL Made Us See How He Isn’t Aging At All!

Shehzad Roy- Amazing Performance In PSL -

Shehzad Roy has been a part of Pakistan’s music and philanthropist world from as long as we can remember. From his extremely nostalgic music to his contribution in the education welfare of Pakistan, he always creates an impact worthwhile.

What made PSL’s opening even more exciting was the debut of Shehzad in PSL with a brand new song called Ballay Ballay. The song goes something like this:

Oo Ballay Ballay, Tu Gaind Kar Ra Mundiya

With the redemption of the desi song Ballay Ballay, Shehzad changed it in terms of cricket language and it sounded pretty unique and energetic.

The crowd enjoyed how this desi song became more energetic!

Yep Yep!



Aside from his performance, Shehzad continued leaving his mark on Pakistanis. In an interview that was taken during the match, Shehzad Roy mentioned how PSL would’ve been more exciting if it was held in Pakistan.

Love Him For Saying This!

Aside from this, we all noticed how Shehzad Roy doesn’t age AT ALL. He is literally the same after all these years. LEGIT.

Extremely Good Looking!

Not At All


Need To Know Their Magic Potions!

And here’s us making his before and after collage…just for the sake of it.

Shehzad Roy- Amazing Performance In PSL -

Indeed he is aging very beautiful. *MashaAllah MashaAllah MashaAllah*

Aside from this, kudos to Shehzad Roy on his amazing performance!


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