Here’s How Our Noisy Neighbors India Have Jumped On The “Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint” Bandwagon & Are Loving It

Social media trends are priceless. A simple thing can transform into a huge one, courtesy of the bevy of trollers on the internet. One of the international social media trends triumphing 2017 (also in late 2016) is from Pakistan.

It all goes back to an interview conducted by a news reporter of a local Pakistani lady who was complaining about our government and its negligence towards citizens. Who knew it was the day that would set the future, assert it into a whole, larger than life trend of memes and jokes and be the word of everyone’s mouth.

Yeh bik gayi hai gormint – legendary words by a legend



This particular trend has spread like wildfire that even our noisy neighbor India has accustomed to it now.

After all, we are:


Yeh bik gayi hai gormint has taken the internet by storm. They way people from India have reacted to it is well worth your attention. There have been some of the hilarious tweets and comments made by Indians on posts.

In fact, all famous All India Bakchod (AIB) did this yesterday:

Source: All India Bakchod | Facebook

Source: All India Bakchod | Facebook

Here is how Indians have reacted to it:


That was a good laugh… Seriously, thank you!

Source: Reaction GIFs

Source: Reaction GIFs

Can somebody find this woman again? I am sure we all go crazy if we found her somewhere and would love her to say those words again.

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