5 Facts that you did not know about PIMUN15

1. The president of PIMUN, Syed Kashaf Hussain has chaired a committee at WORLDMUN.

This is an achievement in itself as WORLDMUN is the biggest and most prestigious Model United Nations Conference.


2. The Secretary General of PIMUN, Sabat Akhtar Khan enjoys the honor of representing Pakistan at the UNESCO headquarters of the UNITED NATIONS at Paris,France.



3. PIMUN is the only MUN conference that provides training about the proceedings of a conventional MUN conference to the starters, that too without any training fee.


4. The core committee along with the executive body is comprised of more than 50 people, all of them belonging from different academic institutions and backgrounds from all over Pakistan.



5. In PIMUN, there are two different categories of awards, one for the committees and the other for the plenary sessions.





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