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Adil Habib: A Not So Typical Pakistani Musician

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With the music industry plagued by the mundane concept of generic pop stars with cliche videos backed by forgettable vocals, Adil Habib is a breath of fresh air with ‘a soulful voice and James Bay good looks’ determined to make waves in the ever-dynamic profession.



After dropping out of college abroad the  apparent singer song write returned to Pakistan and started to manage Uzair Jaswal. Through his many profound  experiences gained from the music industry in Pakistan and fellow musicians around him he deiced take a leap of faith and become one himself.



Having already released his first single ‘Aye gee Bahar’ earlier this year which was well received, he has come up with a brand new song ‘Aik Parinda Tha’ which is scheduled to be released at the end of this year.



With all the necessary-ingredients to be successful in the prevailing music scene in Pakistan, only time will tell if this newcomer will thrive and reach for the starts or end up on the ground with all the rest of the musical has-bins.

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