16 Typical Types of Crazy People You Will Never Want to Sit Next to On A Flight

Once upon a time, traveling by airplane was not so common, it was something very few people could afford, However, that’s not the case anymore, thanks to low-cost airlines. It is because of these low-cost airlines that people now prefer air travel over anything.

Travelling by plane has its own charm, you get to experience things that you could never have know on the land or water or anywhere else in that case, the experience of being in a plane is gained by the people whom you are travelling with, people who are genuinely not the people you expected.

Here are 12 kinds of people you will find on Pakistani Airplanes, 12 kinds of people who add to your experience…

1.The Loud Family

That one family who is communicating with each other during the whole flight no matter how long the distance is.


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2. The Coolio

Those who take ages to get rid of the stuff they are carrying.


Source: Dailymail

3.The Arm Rest Hogger

That person who is sitting next to you resting his arm on your armrest.


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4. The Rule Breaker

The people who talk on the phone till the time you tell them you’re going to be dead now.

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5. The Tale Teller

That person who will keep on talking non-stop. By the end of the journey, you’ll know about their entire family, their friends, and the kids of their friends.


Source: Scoopwhoop

6. The One Who Keeps Switching Seats

Those who are never happy with their seats and disturb the whole flight because of that. They spend the entire flight finding the best seat.


Source: Scoopwhoop

7.The Privacy Invaders

That person who starts sneaking into your laptop while you’re watching a movie or starts peeking into the book you are reading.


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8.The One Who Spills Food On You

That person who eats like he has never eaten before.


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9. The One Who Is Flying For The First Time

The first timer, who is so excited that he might just jump off the airplane.


Source: Scoopwhoop

10. The Washroom Lover

The person who will make sure that he spends equal time in the washroom as on his seat, to bring equality.


Source: Buzzfeed.com

11.The Photo Freak

That person will keep taking pictures of the same clouds again and again, just with a different shape of clouds.


Source: Scoopwhoop

12. The Snuggler

That person who will refuse to take a pillow will end up sleeping on your shoulder.


Source: Scoopwhoop

13. The Noisy Crying Babies

That baby on the flight will find nothing better than to cry, disturbing the whole damn flight.


 Source: Rewards For Mom

14.The Kicker

That one person in the back seat who will keep kicking you from behind, followed by an apology.


Source: Buzzfeed.com

15. The Jewelry People

That person who is wearing so much jewelry, holding the whole queue waiting for him to move


Source: Buzzfeed.com

16. The Tharki Lot

Their sole pass time is checking out air hostesses and taking their snaps, if and whenever possible!


Source: Buzzfed.com

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