9 Pakistani Celebrities And Their International Doppelganger

The striking resemblance of Pakistani celebrities with their look alike will leave you speechless!

1. John Abraham And Adeel Hussain

1 copy

2. Chaudhry Nisar And Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)

2 copy

3. Hans Raj Hans And Ayub Khoso

3 copy

4. Kriti Sanon And Arij Fatyma

4 copy

5. Sylvester Stallone And Afzal Khan

5 copy

6. Nazia Hassan And Anushka Sharma

6 copy

6. Ahmed Shehzad And Virat Kohli

7 copy

7. Salman Khan And Hussain Saleem

8 copy

8. Pixie Lott And Syra Yousuf

10 copy

9. Sahir Lodhi And Shahrukh Khan

11 copy

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