9 Daily Habits That Are Killing You Silently

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones”- Benjamin Franklin

As we live along, we go through different phases of life, every phase with its own offerings. Mostly in the adult age, we get carried away into having fun, doing what we want. We become rebellious and stop caring about things, which makes us forget to care about the things that are good for us and things that are bad. Just like good habits, bad habits also make people judge us, so in order to live a better life, what we all need is to take the good habits and leave the bad ones behind. These are a few simple things that are part of our daily life, which are damaging us to a next level.

1.Being An Attention Seeker


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Seeking for attention and the lust of becoming the center of attraction develops psychological issues. Pleasing people also often requires compromising on self esteem, lying and other negative things. Yet, if the expectations are not met it might result in depression.

2.Smoking Or Taking Drugs


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Which each cigarette you smoke 11 minutes of your life away. It comes as no surprise that smoking regularly will cause you cancer and ultimately take your life.

3.Trying To Show Off


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Follow fashion but in a sane manner as desperation… it kills. Following trends just for the heck of it will make you a laughing stalk among your social circle that will hurt your ego. So, be confident and be yourself.

4.Making A FUSS About Each And Everything


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Creating fuss about everything and over dramatizing things will make you impatient. It directly affects your mental health. So relax, calm, and let the tough times pass.

5.Not Taking Care Of Teeth


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Poor dental hygiene gives birth to a number of dangerous diseases including cancer. That is why it is important to brush our teeth daily.

6.Being A Social Media Freak


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Using social media as your daily diary is not doing you any good infact it is doing you more harm. Uploading every picture, updating statuses every other second, and seeking attention can end up making you a narcissist.

7.Blabbering About Yourself

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Ahhh! This habit will make you a narcissist for sure.

8.Not Sharing Problems

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Keeping things to yourself also kills. It is always important to vent out a little. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about things to people, just start writing a diary… should help. Just don’t keep it to yourself.

9.Being High 24/7


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It’s okay to get a little high occasionally, but staying high all the time might end you up in a grave!

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